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    Super Bright Cap Light 2.0

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       The Perfect Head Light For Any Outdoor Adventure

          New endorsed product alert! Flashlights are great but can be a nuisance when you need both of your hands. Holding a flashlight while trying to handle other task can be detrimental to your survival. Similar to some of our other flashlights this one is optimized for hand movements and much brighter.

            The wave hand feature can activate the light just by waving your hand back and forth. This makes it optimal if you are hunting or outdoors. If a car is approaching, just wave your hand to deactivate it temporarily. Just add to your cap and see all that's ahead of you!

    Key Features:

    • Water resistant
    • Hands-Free
    • Lightweight
    • Super Bright


           A Great Addition to your Bug Out Bag

    Super Bright Cap Light 2.0
    Super Bright Cap Light 2.0