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    Therma-Rescue™ Survival Blankets

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    A Must-Have for Your Emergency Kits

    The perfect addition to your emergency preparedness kit. Made of insulating material that is designed to trap body heat, you will stay warm until help arrives.

    • Reflects 90% of body heat

    The ultimate survival gear addition

    In addition to providing warmth, these blankets can also be used as a shelter, ground cover, or signal device in emergency situations.

    • Durable and made to withstand tough conditions
    • Lightweight and compact design for easy storage

    Note: Condensation escapes through opening

    Stay warm in any emergency

    Whether you're camping, hiking, or just dealing with unexpected weather, an emergency thermal blanket is a crucial item for anyone who wants to be prepared for any situation.

    Keep one in the car, one in your camping or bug out bags, and even give some to friends and family.

    Note: See product images for dimensions.

    Our Guarantee Means Risk-Free

    We get it, most tools today sold online under-deliver. This is why we offer 15 day money back returns because we guarantee you'll be satisfied.

    Enjoy our Free Survival Tips E-book below

    Enjoy our complimentary outdoor survival e-book with your purchase which explains how to survive in many different situations.

    Stay Prepared in any weather

    Therma-Rescue™ Survival Blankets
    Therma-Rescue™ Survival Blankets