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    TimberTrek™ Hand Auger Wrench

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    Effortlessly Drill Through Wood 

    Perfect for creating animal traps, chairs, DIY projects, ladders, furniture, maple syrup taps, life-saving survival shelters & more! 

    • A just-to-have tool that fits in your pocket

    Manual Auger Wood Hole Maker Woodworking Hand Screw Drill Bit Outdoor  Multi-Purpose Bushcraft Tools For Survival Gear 2 Colors

    Utility with Superior Craftsmanship

    Each spiral is professionally ground with a self-tapping pilot screw, ensuring sharpness and perfection in every rotation. 

    • Smooth and effortless drilling 
    • Wide range of use cases

    Dimensions: See Product Photos Eye Diameter: 1 inch

    Drill Smarter Not Harder

    Engineered with Unwavering Durability and weighing only 0.4 lbs, you can now tackle the toughest of tasks with precision and ease.

    Conquer nature's challenges with an original Scottish eye auger and elevate your outdoor prowess with a tool that's perfect for your outdoor bags, risk free! 

    Our Guarantee Means Risk-Free

    We get it, most tools today sold online under-deliver. This is why we offer 15 day money back returns because we guarantee you'll be satisfied. 

    Enjoy Our Complimentary E-Books Below After Purchase! 

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    TimberTrek™ Hand Auger Wrench
    TimberTrek™ Hand Auger Wrench