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    Multifunctional Solar Flashlight

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       Everyone Needs An Emergency Flashlight In Their Vehicle

          We try to source the best products for our customers as we know there is a lot of bad products out there and some people may be unaware of the good ones. This product is a great addition for your vehicle, home or your bug out bag. You can use it as an window breaker in case you are stuck in your car during an emergency, the loud siren can also be a great call to action.

            No need to only depend on an outlet because the Sun is an optional source of power. So you can even take this on your outdoor adventures where there are no electrical outlets. We spend lots of time testing and confirming if a product is worthy of using so check out this multifunctional flashlight and stay prepared.

    Material: Aluminum Alloy

    Key Features:

    • Multifunctional
    • Compact
    • Super Bright
    • Durable


           A Great Addition to your Bug Out Bag

    Multifunctional Solar Flashlight
    Multifunctional Solar Flashlight