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    Max Airflow Campfire Blow Tube

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      Enhance Your Bonfires & Campfires With This Tool!

    The Pocket Bellows Helps You Blow On Fires From A Distance

           We only endorse the best products which have been tried and true AND tested by us. Here is a simple but effective tool that can enhance your campfires and bonfires. It works by exponentially increasing the rate of airflow in a cylindrical tube, allowing air to travel faster from your mouth to the fire. We all know fires need oxygen! 

            Made from robust stainless steel, this simple tool will stand the test of time. Since it is super compact, you can carry it in your pocket or your camping/bug out bags. No more need to put your face close to fires and no more smoke in the eyes. 

    Key Features:

    • Enhances Camp Fires
    • Keeps Smoke Away From Face
    • Compact & Easy to Carry
    • Robust & Durable Material: Stainless Steel 304

     Blow Fire Tube Mouth Blowpipe Collapsible High Effective Tiny Outdoor Beach  Garden Tool Camping Equipment Blowing Fire Stick - Outdoor Stove &  Accessories - AliExpress

            Build the Best Camp Fires with Minimum Effort

    Max Airflow Campfire Blow Tube
    Max Airflow Campfire Blow Tube