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    High Decibel Safety Whistles

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       The Safety Whistle You Need For Emergency Situations

           It is easy to ignore the need for a loud safety whistle until it is too late. You could not have any other line of defense but in certain situations, a loud whistle could save your life if in danger. All it takes is for someone in the vicinity to hear the whistle and awareness arises. 

            Made of a robust Aluminum Alloy, this simple but effective whistle can be thrown in with the rest of your survival equipment. A good idea is to order more than one for the whole family. We recommend to carry it on your keys and keep a few extra in areas you are familiar with. A whistle won't defend you but it will bring awareness if needed in an emergency situation.

    Key Features:

    • Keychain Compatible
    • High Frequency 
    • Compact & Easy to Carry
    • Great for Camping


            Stay Prepped, Stay Ready, Stay Alert

    High Decibel Safety Whistles
    High Decibel Safety Whistles