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Outdoor Survival Watch Waterproof 7 in 1

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   The All in One Wilderness Watch You Need


       Introducing the only survival, multifunctional watches you'll need when camping, hiking, or going about your regular day. We endorse this product because of its many use cases: a watch, compass, whistle, rope cutter, paracord, fire scrapper and a thermometer to help you in any situation.

        Practical for those late night hikes or late night camping trips where you are miles away from the nearest store or community. The compass will guide you in the right direction, thermometer will give you a sense of sudden weather changes, whistle in case of danger and many other use cases. Lastly the watch expands to 3-3.2 meters (Paracord portion).

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional
  • Emergency Whistle on the Watch
  • Durable Battery
  • Compass Attached

Raw material: Nylon Paracord+ABS+Alloy



       Stay Fearless, Stay Ready.

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A regular chainsaw reuqires gas, are bulky and can't fit in your pocket. These are perfect for survival situations or if you want to stay as light as possible on your outdoor adventures.