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    WaterPros™ Waterproof Socks

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    Socks that are waterproof, breathable & comfortable

    Imagine you are outdoors, whether hiking, camping, or just going for a jog and you step in a puddle of water. The worst feeling is having soaked feet for the rest of your jog. That stops now!

    • Your feet will stay dry in any weather 

    100% Waterproof Breathable Socks – Northbound Gear

    Dry, warm, & convenient for any outdoor adventure 

    Constructed with mulit-layers of protection, your feet are guaranteed to stay dry whether you are camping, hiking, skiing or jogging.

    • Windproof & Waterproof 
    • Breathable and sweat resistant 

    Feels like normal socks but 100x more comfortable

    The Tech: inner layer is 80% anti odor spun yarn & 20% nylon. The outer layer is 98% high wear-resistant nylon and 2% elastic rubber band to ensure a nice and snug fit.

    And the middle layer is a waterproof film that's light and thin. This is why you are able to wash them like normal socks; but be sure to AIR DRY only.

    100% Waterproof Breathable Socks – Northbound Gear


    Your outdoor adventures became dryer!

    WaterPros™ Waterproof Socks
    WaterPros™ Waterproof Socks