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    FlameMate™ Outdoor Gas Stove

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    Fuel your outdoor adventures

    Experience the freedom of cooking outdoors with our portable gas stove and never settle for boring canned food on your next camping trip!

    • Foldable & compact design made of stainless steel

    Take your cooking anywhere

    We may not have the materials in our vicinity to start a fire. Therefore these stoves are of good utility in most emergency situations.

    • Reliable ignition and consistent heat
    • Compact design for easy storage

    Note: Never leave stove unattended while burning. Fuel source NOT included

    Never go hungry outdoors again

    Don't settle for mediocre meals on your outdoor adventures - our powerful and versatile gas stove will help you create delicious and satisfying dishes

    Other Info:

    • Fuel: Butane (not included)


      Enjoy delicious meals in the great outdoors!

    FlameMate™ Outdoor Gas Stove
    FlameMate™ Outdoor Gas Stove